PERCOLATE: a precursor to progress

  • Fitzroy Social 222 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, VIC, 3065 Australia

Now, here's a question:

Are you making meaningful progress?

It can sometimes be hard to tell. It can be easy to find yourself always producing, but seldom creating. Perpetuating the status-quo, rather than pioneering. That’s why you need this:

A chance to Percolate.

On November 29th, 2016, you’ll be able to do just that. Percolate is an event designed for clever people with a pioneering spirit. And an appetite for thoughtful provocation. Because in order to stay relevant:

We need to break pattern.

Percolate will be a space to harness our unwillingness to settle. Alongside an eclectic mix of enterprise leaders, thought leaders, authors and artists, you’ll be a totally immersed in rich perspectives, counter-conventional thinking and thought provoking questions.

It’s your precursor to progress.

Meaningful progress.
So, join us. Come to Percolate.


Host | Dr Jason Fox

12pm | Registration
Enter and be greeted with live jazz and the wafting aromas of freshly roasted coffee.

1pm | Clarity (the pursuit of)
Oscar Trimboli: Deeper listening—understanding and hearing beyond words
Helen Souness: Moving closer to purpose
Natasha Pincus: Epiphany: I am not a genius, and so are you
Rohan Gunatillake: Mindfulness—nothing personal

Clarity is something we all seek. A sense of direction, purpose and certainty. Yet how can such a clear state be such an elusive one? For those pioneering into uncharted territory the pursuit of clarity is more precarious than ever. We’ll discuss how we can find clarity on our pathway to relevance—without succumbing to the narrowed focus encouraged by tools of the past, or the frenetic and thoughtless pace induced by modern methods. What does meaningful progress look like, pending the state of clarity?

3pm | Coffee break
And not just any coffee.

3.45pm | Complexity (the navigation of)
Dr Sean Fabri: Imagine things complexly
Josi Heyerdahl: Protecting nature with business
Will Dayble: The Mars Test

Complexity: many attempt to reduce it by harnessing its opposite—simplicity. The process of simplification attempts to reduce cognitive burden and distill complex ideas down into more palatable parts. Ironically, this can fuel even more complexity as we can dumb things down to the point of no longer understanding. In these dynamic times we ought not to shy away from complexity. Rather, we should lean into it with more empathy and curiosity so that we can thrive and make progress in complex environments.

5pm | Break

5.45pm | Percolate
A highly interactive session for counter-conventional, emergent conversation. All speakers and the audience will percolate on the questions that we raise together. We’ll explore theories and approaches that may not be popular or mainstream. We’ll go beyond the natural euphoria of the inevitable inspiration that occurs at great events, and dive deep into the paradoxes and practicalities of actually translating our new thinking into meaningful progress.

6.45pm | Dr Jason Fox & The Cleverness
To wrap up, Jason will unveil something special—a tribute to the quietly dissatisfied.

7.20pm | Whisky, Nibbles & Jazz
Stick around to chat with fine company and enjoy the after-effects of a day well-lived.

8pm | fin


12–8pm, November 29th, 2016
Fitzroy Social, 222 Brunswick St Fitzroy Melbourne. (Google Maps)

Masterclass—get the jump on 2017

Come and join Dr Jason Fox for an exclusive masterclass specifically designed for pioneers and the quietly dissatisfied. If you’re in pursuit of a new, unprecedented or complex goal, or if you have an inkling, a quest or a hunch that needs nurturing—this workshop is for you.

Discover how to lead meaningful progress toward new value and relevance—uphill, through ambiguity, uncertainty, complexity, paradox and doubt. This workshop will help you unlock new progress, savvy and relevance for the new year ahead.

This masterclass is an option available to anyone who purchases a ticket to Percolate. It will be held at Zinc (by the river) the following day and places are limited to 70.

7am | Registration

7.30am | A Very Modern Mindfulness Workshop
Our international guest Rohan Gunatillake will share key ideas, core techniques and secret recipes which all together will help you design meditations for every part of your life, no matter how digital, over scheduled or fast-paced it might be.

9am | Breakfast (provided)

9.30am | Session 1—Crafting Context
In order to pioneer against the grain of convention, it is essential to craft an enduring context that is anti-fragile and permissive of ambiguity and a non-linear path. And so we shall do just that.

11am | Break

11.15am | Session 2—The Progress Paradox
A clear sense of progress is incredibly motivating—and yet the activities that provide us with a rich sense of progress are often the default things that hold us back. In order to liberate ourselves from familiar patterns and the distractions of habit, and to persevere through paradox, we need the right cadence of quantitative feedback and qualitative sense-checking.

12.30pm | Lunch (provided)

1.15pm | Session 3—Momentum
The path of the pioneer is so much harder than that of the settler or optimiser. We have no map to follow, and our reference points are few. And amidst the insecurity and doubt inherent within this relatively lonely path, it can be easy to find ourselves tempted back into the familiar ease and predictability of the default. And so, in order to stay the path less-travelled, we craft rituals that keep us connected to the bigger meaning and intent of our work.

2.15pm | Break

2.30pm | Session 4—Beyond the Default
Freedom follows focus, and sequence gives you the freedom to focus. In this session, we’ll explore methodologies for mapping out activity—translating complexity into an adaptable game plan to keep you moving forward.

3pm | fin
Though not really. At the conclusion of this masterclass, you’ll be invited into a secret group to keep the clever happening.


7am–3pm, November 30th, 2016
ZINC, Federation Square, Melbourne CBD (Google Maps)