Progress amidst paradox

When confronted by The Storm° many leaders stick to what they know best—doubling down on business-as-usual, pursuing incremental improvements within existing paradigms, and squeezing out efficiencies wherever possible.

° Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

But some think beyond this. Some think deeper and see further, willingly venturing into The Storm to find new value in the quest for enduring relevance.

We work with such leaders; the modern pioneers.



Pioneering Strategy

Pursue relevance.

Venture beyond the default. 

visioning ~ sense-making ~ strategy-mapping ~ strategic offsite design & facilitation ~ strategy translation & communication° ~ business model innovation

° In partnership with employee experience company Jaxzyn.



Pioneering Leadership

Champion progress. 

Make clever happen.

frontier leadership development° ~ deep-dive leadership offsites ~ keystone behaviour mapping ~ bespoke leadership conferences ~ market positioning & thought leadership development

° A tailored 6–12 month program.



Pioneering Culture

Unleash curiosity. 

Build for the future of work.

team motivation strategy & design ~ in-house clever happenings° ~ facilitated future forums & hack days ~ responsive org design ~ enterprise rituals & conference design

° An internal conference series designed to tap into the emerging zeitgeist, in order to stimulate new thinking and conversation in your enterprise. 




Download our services guidebook (9mb pdf)


This pdf currently outlines the services of our founder, Dr Jason Fox. Stay tuned for an update coming soon.



How we work

The Cleverness is a networked guild of wizards and rogues.°

Headed by Dr Jason Fox°° (and his clever crew), we do not claim deep expertise across every domain.°°° Rather, in all quests we undertake, we rally the right mix of mavericks together.  We combine frontier perspectives with your savvy to unlock new progress and change.

° It's also the name of our skyship.
°° Bestselling author of The Game Changer and How to Lead a Quest & Keynote Speaker of the Year (2016).
°°° We're frontier-generalists and ambassadors of the new renaissance. 



Shall we?

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