A beacon for relevance.

We're for the

The ones who quest beyond convention.
The seekers of new value and progress.
The leaders who light the way for others to follow.

those who
do not settle

The Cleverness is a networked consultancy specialising in pioneering strategy and leadership development. Amidst a volatile sea of complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity, we serve as a beacon for relevance.


Into the storm

The path of the pioneer is infinitely harder than that of the settler or optimiser. Not content with mere incremental improvement, such leaders pursue new progress, uphill, through doubt and paradox—and against the grain of convention—to secure the most important prize of all: enduring relevance.

We happily work with such.
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A gathering of minds

We host events, masterclasses and exclusive dinners for the diversely like-minded.

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Thoughtful provocations for the quietly dissatisfied

We create and publish The Cleverness Biannual—an independent magazine that explores the paradoxes pertinent to the pioneers of our times.

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