Crafty Experiments Tea Towel

Crafty Experiments Tea Towel


A kerchief for your kitchen or mantlepiece. Screen printed by hand and featuring illustration from the text: How to Lead a Quest. This textile is for the crafty and the experimentally-inclined.

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Screen printed by hand in Melbourne

An experimental print run of tea towels for pioneering folk and their kith and kin. Some have said that this would make for the perfect gift for any leader. Or any one. And one can never have one too many tea towels. 



This tea towel sports the iconic dangerlam illustration from How to Lead a Quest—we like to call it ‘the da Vinci illo’, which served to open the section of the book that explores the notion of experimentation. You will be able to marvel at this tea towel—nay: material art—for hours. Not only does this serve as an inspiring wall hanging, but also, it will enable you (or the special person you gift it to) to:

  • Be inspired to act like a modern version of Leonardo da Vinci (or equivalent), flexing your renaissance thinking as you explore and experiment your way to meaningful progress!

  • Wear it, dapper-like, as a bandana or oversized pochette or kerchief, and bring about the next revolution in fashion, you trendsetter you.

  • Break the sound barrier! That's right—just wet it slightly and give it a slight twirl before a solid flick and *snap*—good bye robbers!

  • Wrap things in it, like pudding or cheese. And then later eat it! (The pudding, or the cheese—not the tea towel, silly).

  • Dry things with it, like tea cups. I know, right?

50 x 70cm
Screen printed in Collingwood, Melbourne.
75% linen / 25% cotton.
Warm machine wash.