The Cleverness Biannual

Thoughtful provocations for the quietly dissatisfied.

The Cleverness Biannual is an independent magazine published in Melbourne, that appears every summer and winter.

Inside, we actively seek complexity and venture deep into philosophical paradox. We explore the darker elements of pioneering (an often lonely journey), providing a fuller spectrum of perspective outside of the success stories. Be it business, philosophy or artistry, we seek not to skim surfaces, but to relish in the hidden or overlooked.

Each issue will dance to a particular paradoxical theme, with evergreen contributions from a carefully chosen mix of people from around the world, whose minds captivate our own.

Issue Ø: Clarity / Ambiguity

$35 AUD

Launched and published in November 2016 / 150 pages / 195 × 240mm

Some features in Issue Ø include: 

A Special Kind of Brooding
How to know what to do when you don't know what to do / Dr Jason Fox

Between Observer and Observed
Variations on a theme / Amanda Gefter

Adverse Camber
There are no road signs or directions for where you're going / Jen Storey

The Meaning of Dancing Is the Dance
Why the only problem with uncertainty is the way we keep struggling to avoid it / Oliver Burkeman

Multiple Truths and Mountains
Why simplicity is not the answer in a complex world / Patrick Hollingworth

Pioneering Events with Purpose
An interview with Wildwon

Metapatterns of Time
Notes from Eddie Harran

Fuzzy Lines
Reflections on the limitations of clarity / Rohan Gunatillake

Taste of Humanity
China, relationship-based culture and the future of work / Qing Qing Chen

Navigating Uncertainty
How to succeed when you don’t know where to start / Alison Randel

Wisdom Does Not Come from Data
The art of finding insight in numbers that don’t always tell the truth / Dr Andrew Pratley

The Paradox of Pioneering
An interview with Dominic Price

An Introspection on the Quite Clearly Ambiguous
Poetry by Dougal Jackson

The Spirit of Clarity
Gin tasting with Sebastian Costello

+ selected artworks from You Byun, Oli Sansom, Cinta Vidal, Mike Lee, Penny Jensz, Renee French, Henn Kim and Jenny Penas.



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