L I V I N G   M A N I F E S T O

We don’t believe in beliefs—
and therein lies the paradox of this manifesto.

To believe is to have certainty, 
to accept, to settle.
But we are the quietly dissatisfied—
the pioneers, who don’t call ourselves so.
We do not settle.
We go the other way, the hidden way—
venturing beyond conventional wisdom.
We don't have all the answers—
but we’re not waiting for them,
nor searching for them.
Our ever-quest is guided by questions—
they enrich our thinking, and kindle our wonder.
They keep us in suspense, but never in suspension

Questions move us.

But too often, we move in isolation.
And so we’re making this space:
a haven for the pioneer;
a harbour for the discontent;
a beacon for relevance.
A place to pursue the timeless art
of Questioning. Thinking. Exploring.
So that we might propel ourselves
towards better questions,
enduring relevance,
and a future less dark.

One that, with us, will be more curious and kind.