Motivation Design


w Dr Jason Fox

Brisbane : 1 november 2017
The Johnson hotel
477 Boundary Rd, spring hill

 Melbourne : 3 november 2017
the odd one out
2/125 flinders ln, melbourne

Sydney : 6 November 2017
the ideas vault
at the entertainment quarter
14 lang rd, moore park

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“for thoughtful folk who (like me) are allergic to conventional wisdom, this masterclass will show you how to use the contemporary science of motivation design to influence behaviour. Ideal for anyone pursuing complex goals or leading new work.”

—Dr Jason Fox, bestselling author of The Game Changer & How to Lead a Quest


Unlock Progress

Conventional motivational folklore is fine for formulaic work with predictable outcomes. If you're looking to improve within existing paradigms, or just feel like a bit of a temporary boost—go nuts. 

But if you're looking to do something new or complex, if your goal is inherently ambiguous—or if the work will have you pioneering into new and uncharted territory—then... well. You'll need to tap into something more contemporary. Especially if you're looking to sustain motivation, beyond the initial inspiration.

Motivation design is a contemporary science wherein we influence behaviour by working on the external factors that amplify intrinsic motivation.

Importantly, motivation design is not about working on attitudes, values, beliefs or other internal factors. Therefore: it’s psychologically safe, and free from fluff or hokey hucksterism. This also means that motivation is less dependent on you. You don’t have to motivate yourself, or your team—the motivation design does the heavy lifting. 

It’s the cornerstone of my expertise, and is the most universally applicable and immediately actionable masterclass I offer. Here's an overview of motivation design (this video is nearly half a decade old now, and is slightly embarrassing and outdated—but still somewhat apt).

Motivation Design, great!
—but... is it manipulative?

I prefer the word ‘influence’, but yes—it is. But then: what isn’t?

Work and life is already saturated with factors that influence our attention, motivation, focus and behaviour. Some, we are conscious of—the overt goals, key performance indicators, incentives, project structures (and so forth) clearly influence our effort at work. 

Most factors, however, we are not conscious of at all. And so, we find ourselves steered off-track, distracted and unable to sustain the motivation for the things that matter most (which are often much more complex and ambiguous in nature). Likewise we observe—with frustration—that the motivation of our teams and of our clients is patchy. People are quite motivated to do this thing—but not that thing. Why is this so?

In this masterclass, you’ll learn why. And—more importantly—you’ll learn how to influence and shape motivation, through the clever design of the work itself.

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Masterclass elements...

All participants will receive a copy of my bestselling book—The Game Changer: how to use the science of motivation with the power of game design to shift motivation, shape behaviour and make clever happenalong with premium learning materials. The masterclass itself will covet the following domains:

» Motivation 101 – understand what it is, and how it differs from attitude, intent, inspiration, aspiration, behaviour and habit. Further, learn how to distinguish between extrinsic motivation, intrinsic motivation and internal drivers—and identify when each are most efficacious.

» Constructive Discontent – learn how to use cognitive dissonance to enhance motivation (and how to mitigate the dark side of discontent with gratitude).

» Beyond Goals – learn when smart goal setting is most useful (and how to do it well), but also when it is not the smartest thing—and what to do instead.

» The Progress Principle – learn why this became a #1 Breakthrough Idea from the Harvard Business Review and how to use it to full effect (whilst also having the savvy to avoid the delusion of progress).

» Behaviour Models – learn how to identify the right frequency and mix of triggers, while mitigating the friction that exists between intention, and the desired behaviour manifesting. This is the precursor to crafting a habit.

» The Backfire Effect – learn how to navigate motivation within complexity, and how to reduce the likelihood of unintended consequences from any intervention.

» Feedback Loops – learn how the respective advantages and limitations of quantitative and qualitative feedback loops, and when to apply either of these to serve meaningful progress.

» Fuzzy Beacons – learn how choosing a contextual or archetypal word each year—while building in the associated triggers and actions—can keep you motivated through complex projects and challenging times.

» Self-sabotage – learn how to identify, understand and mitigating the various covert strategies we subconsciously use to diminish our chances of success. In other words—learn how to get out of your own way, by making it hard to make it hard for yourself.

» Personal Rituals – learn what ‘sacred routines’ might serve you best, their appropriate triggers, and how you can integrate them into your working rhythm. Furthermore, learn how to unlock significant growth through personal projects.

Plus, this masterclass also explores motivation design as it applies to teams—ideal for anyone leading or managing a new team, or any team seeking to refresh how they work. It is essential savvy for the modern leader.

» Rewards and Recognition – learn why your reward and recognition needs to be proximal and partially-random in frequency, and how to use a variety of high value (low cost) extrinsic motivators to keep your team genuinely engaged with the work at hand. Furthermore, learn how to ensure intrinsic motivation is not unnecessarily corrupted by extrinsic factors.

» Team Rituals – learn what ‘sacred routines’ may serve your team best, to enhance employee experience and ensure ongoing meaningful progress (along with the timely elimination of friction and group think). 

» And more...!


“His expertise in motivation design was exactly the pragmatic yet strategic perspective our people needed to move forward.”
—Director, CSIRO

Jason offers a genuinely fresh, relevant and modern perspective to motivation and leadership. His understanding and empathy for leaders looking to change culture and drive innovation within organisations is unmatched.” 
—Director of R&D, Australian Human Resources Institute

“Jason has the ability to just knock you over with undeniable home truths.”
—CEO, ARUP Australasia

“Jason is a leader in the field of motivation science, but crucially he understands the importance to businesses of linking theory to practice so that thinking differently becomes part of one’s daily toolkit.”
—Group Manager, Origin Energy

“If you're looking to develop and progress new and important strategy, I highly recommend Dr Jason Fox.”
—VP and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research, University of New South Whales

“Dr Fox... has an impressive beard, book, and breadth of knowledge on business strategy and motivation...” 
EO and Founder of Go-To skin care

“Jason delivered an insightful masterclass that was timely, relevant and deeply engaging. Jason's diverse experience and refreshing perspective evoked rich and meaningful conversations amongst our people, and continues to be talked about and referenced to in the business.” 
—Head of Internal Communications, Bupa




—Event Now Sold Out—

It's mighty cliche to say ‘hurry, tickets are limited’. So instead we say: take your time! Ponder. Consider if Motivation Design—the ability to shape motivation and shift behaviour—would indeed be useful for you.

But (also)—we're limiting each masterclass to a small group, so as to ensure a more intimate experience. So, err—tarry not!

Please note: tickets are non-refundable but 100% transferrable.




Who is this masterclass for?
The thoughtful modern leader—executives, managers and intrapreneurs who want to make a difference.

But what if I don’t lead people?
The masterclass will have the vast majority of our focus (80%) is on self-mastery within your own context, and is relevant for anyone pursuing complex goals. If you don't lead a team—that's fine. The time we use to apply motivation design principles to teams is an extension that would be equally relevant and insightful for business owners.

Who is it not for?
Well, this is not a ‘motivational’ masterclass—it’s a masterclass in understanding how motivation works, and how you can effectively (and sustainably) influence it. And, while it’ll naturally be quite motivating and inspiring, the primary focus isn’t to motivate you (in the same way that learning the science of comedy isn’t necessarily funny). It is assumed that you're already motivated—but are looking to pursue and progress complex goals, to which conventional methods fall short. In other words: it's not for those looking for a quick fix of motivation.

What is provided?
You’ll receive a copy of The Game Changer, premium learning materials, plus refreshments throughout the day. 

Where is it being held?
At this stage we’re still scouting out the best atypical yet wondrous space for each masterclass. Suffice to say, they’ll be conveniently located in the respective CBDs of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. 

If you have any questions, please email us:
Not sure yet? Keep in touch via The Cleverness Museletter by Dr Jason Fox.


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